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Silicone roof coating system is a single layer (applied in one or two coats) of silicone rolled or sprayed as a liquid to fill in cracks, blisters, and seams. This product is widely used today and we specialize in the removal of it in the form of overspray damage on vehicles. Unlike every other overspray removal company, we have over 50 demonstration videos of how we remove this product on heavily damaged vehicles. Again unlike every other company we have actual demonstration videos of us removing this same product from auto trim parts like textured mirrors and fender flares. This means there will be no extra cost for recoating these parts. This saves insurers thousands per vehicle. All vehicles are polished and have a premium auto paint sealant applied on them. When a vehicle is heavily damaged with this product the normal cleaning methods using a clay bar by itself will not work. We are fully insured and customers are allowed to observe their vehicles being repaired at any jobsite.

2020 Dodge SuperBee repaired 100% from Silicone Roofing Coatings

Auto Trim and textured parts repaired from Silicone Roofing Coatings

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