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About Us

Paint Overspray Removal of Texas is a division of Paint Overspray Removal of Texas On-site Services. Together our companies have repaired thousands of vehicles all over this great nation and beyond. Our crews can be on-site with 24 to 48 hours anywhere nationwide. We started traveling the country repairing vehicles back in 1990. This was many years before the clay-bar, Nano Skin, Prep-Towel etc. were invented. Your local detail-shops don’t have the experience of repairing anything that comes in front them only because they don’t deal with Polyurethane spray foam, Protective Coatings, Fusion Bonded Epoxies and other industrial products on an everyday basis.

The Difference between our company and others is very significant

We are the only company that offers a written warranty on the work performed on your vehicle.

Over 3 decades of experience with the use of machinery to restore your paint finish back to factory conditions

No other companies use machinery because of the time and effort involved in totally restoring a paint finishes

We have over 300 demonstration videos and WordPress blogs streaming all over the net and our competitors have none

Our prices cannot be match because the other companies hire contractors to do the work and are not present on projects

We welcome our customers to observe our cleaning methods first hand on all job sites

Vehicles are inspected by the owner under direct sunlight if the weather permits

If a person is no longer employed at the company were the damage occurred, we make house calls

Our visibility on the net surpasses other companies by far because we are constantly adding our content like no other company

We provide video documentation of pre-existing damage and repairs performed. This is essential for insurance purposes and legal matters.