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Paint Overspray Removal Services

We started traveling the country repairing vehicles back in 1990, long before the clay-bar, Nano Skin, Prep-Towel etc. were invented. Your local detail-shops don’t have the experience repairing the type of overspray damage that we here at Paint Overspray Removal of Texas have been repairing for over 3 decades. We are the most listed company on the internet because we have been adding content consisting of over 300 demonstration videos. Our mobile crews can be on-site with 24 to 48 hours anywhere nationwide. Our prices are the lowest and fairest of any company in the overspray removal business. We carry a 2-million-dollar insurance policy so that every vehicle is protected and the overall job site

Please go to our warranty page, which explains how the work performed on your vehicle is fully protected. We're the only company that has ever offered a warranty. The question you should ask yourselves is, why don't other companies offer a warranty. The quick answer is, they can't fully trust their employee's work. We do a pre-inspection of your vehicle with you present. After your vehicle has been repaired, we send you a short 2-minute final product walk around your vehicle. The customer has their own video footage of the preexisted damage and their vehicle fully repaired. The same footage of each vehicle before and after repaired is sent to the contractor and their insurance company every day.

We specialize in safely removing any type of airborne contaminates:

For questions about our overspray removal process, free estimate or to talk directly with an overspray removal specialist, give us a call: 713-492-3924 or send us an email at We're open 7 days a week Jeff Suggs owner and operator.

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