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We are the only company that offers a written warranty of the work performed on your vehicle. We have over 27 years of experience in removing all types of overspray. There is nothing we haven't tackled. Long before the clay-bar, Prep Towel, Nano Skin, and other methods were being used, we had already repaired thousands of vehicles using the methods demonstrated in our videos. All work is fully documented. This is essential for insurance purposes and legal matters. We also have the owners sign our standard release form. At that point the insurer or contractor is no longer liable for the claim.


Contactor warrants that the work performed to remove overspray adhered to the vehicle listed above is conducted within industry tolerance and in compliance with industry standards. "Within industry tolerances and in compliance with industry standards" shall mean tolerance and standards common and expected in the industry and guaranteed to be performed by a skillful and professional contractor.

Contractors further warrants that the process used to remove adhered overspray will not harm the integrity or life of the vehicle listed above. If defects are found, contractor shall repair any alleged defect at its cost. The work to be corrected will be the particular part or area that is defective. Contractor shall start work within a reasonable time after written notice from the owner.


This Warranty, as well as the statute of limitations for any claim of damages for defective work or materials, is the lifetime of the vehicle that the work is performed on. This warranty applies to the original owner and may be transferred to any subsequent owner. Video documentation of any per-existing damage is done before any work is performed on vehicles.


If a problem develops owner shall give such notice promptly and notify contractor within after first knowledge of a problem not to exceed 30 days. Contactor will begin performing the obligations under this warranty within a reasonable time of receipt of such request and will diligently pursue these obligations.