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Epoxy Paint Removal

Epoxy paint is one of the most common paint products used in the construction industry. This product was being used many years before Protective Coatings were around. It's not as strong or adhesive as other paint products. That means the normal cleaning methods using the "clay-bar" will work just fine. All work is done by hand: we never use any machinery to remove paint overspray. The buffer is only used to restore your vehicle's paint, glass, trim pieces, head lights & taillights and the rims if needed. Our demonstration videos are the most listed on the internet and in some cases an indivual can make their own repairs if the vehicle is not to badly damaged.

Epoxy paint removal / All work perfomed by hand / 2019 black Cadillac Escalade

Paint Overspray Removal of Texas / The lowest prices / Saved contractor $17,600 on estimate