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Due to the recent 40-year high inflation, overspray removal companies have changed their prices. $500 was the standard price for the past 15 years. The new standard price is $600 to $1200 per vehicle. If your trim parts and textured mirrors cannot be repaired, it can cost up to $1200 to re-coat these parts. We repair those parts at no extra cost. Our standard price is $450 per vehicle. This is a savings of $150 per vehicle. After 20 vehicles the price drops to $400 per vehicle. No major overspray removal company can beat our prices or the work we perform on vehicles. Unlike every other company we have actual demonstration videos of our work. For anyone that wants to observe our work go to our YouTube channel linked on our home page. We are fully insured and allow our customer to observe their vehicles being repaired at any jobsite. The video linked below is an example of a vehicle with extensive overspray damage on the trim parts, mirrors, bumpers, door handles and wheel flares that we repaired at no extra cost.

Silicone Roofing Coatings overspray removal / The lowest cost / textured molding repairs

Unless you have very few vehicles, location is never a factor.

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